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Waymatea Ellis is bigger than life, this soulful and humble human being has accomplished so much. She is many things. She is a Juno award nominee. She is a creator of Joyful Being.  She is a best selling author of the book ‘20 Powerful Women in Marketing Tell All.’  She is a health and wellness speaker and healer. There is so much that this fabulous mother of two beautiful girls have yet to accomplish.

Today, we have the privilege to be in her presence. Here she will share with us her passion about circle healing.  The individuals are welcomed to join as they are, no matter their stage in life. Through guided meditation, each person is encouraged to own their own their story. In addition you will find their voice, to claim their space of importance, and simply exist by being themselves in this imperfect world.  Finially through deeper connection within themselves in order to lead a more joyful life.

Her approach is unorthodox and can be very profound and life changing.

In this podcast, we will also explore the unrealistic social pressures that we put on ourselves. Furthermore, especially for women where we try to achieve unrealistic demandes that leaves us overwhelmed, crushed, and feeling inadequate and unworthy. One simple way to counter this as Waymatea explains is the discourse and unconditional love we have with our children.

The importance of our choice of words and how we celebrate and describe who they are in order to raise happy, high functioning, high self-esteem and productive member of society. Join me in celebrating this AMAZING individual while she will inspire us all to rock on live our true authentic self.


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REGISTER TODAY for January 24th 6wk. Webinar Series

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