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Velisia Gunawan is an inspirational human being who went from being a somebody in her beautiful home country of Indonesia by having a personal driver, someone to do her laundry, cook and clean to a nobody when she immigrated to Canada. Often, those in the developing worlds have this idealized vision that life must be so much easier and people are living the dream, although it maybe partly true, it come at a cost and reality is not always what it is cracked to be.

In this episode, we will examine what are some of the challenges immigrants/refugees may face on a daily basis, although they are very grateful, it is not without challenges , lot of sweat and tears and it takes years of adaptation.

This was the life of my fellow Vancouver country mate Velisia Gunawan, she had to restart from scratch despite the good education and with may years of perseverance and hard work, she has been impact people lives in a positive way by helping business owners and entrepreneur to thrive and generate more income. She is a Business Strategy Mindset Coach, a certified NLP and a Clinical hypnosis therapist and her many years in the corporate finance world and love for psychology, brillance and just the sweetest people I know allows her to do what she love the most which is helping others succeed. Join me in welcoming and CELEBRATING this EXTRAORDINARY woman and cheering her on in what she does best to serve others! For a free 30 session with Velisia


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