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This episode of the show is focusing on the power of relationships and the kind of love required to make sure that all relationships serve the individual, the couple, the family and group and all of humanity.

The discussion also honour and touch on the shooting which took place in Texas, both host Ry Duong and guest Brian Baird even included the real world challenges of honoring relationships with strangers and sharing love with people that often are unlikeable or do monstrous things.

All this to make the world a better place rather than always make human progress subject to conforming and judgment, accountability and punishment for those unable or unwilling to conform. This amazing conversation is really about how we connect to ourselves and others by having authentic, loving relationships with ourseves as well as others (not just one or the other). Brian Baird is a GREATEST human in my eyes and fiull of generosity, humility and wisdom. Please join me in CELEBRATING this terrific human being that I get the honour to call my friend. Enjoy this fabulous recording which we had such a terrific time making for you!


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“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~Carl Jung Whenever I talk with my clients/friends/ colleagues, I notice that they frequently seek a partner that will make them feel complete in a relationship. Or they picture living life with someone who...

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