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Health and wellness is what we all desired and to be able to age well and stay active. Are you tired of the pain, the suffering and being heavily medicated and wishing for others effective alternatives out there? Well, you are in for a treat, it is a must see and listen to episode. Carol Henderson is health and wellness coach and an author, she has dedicated her life to helping others stay as healthy and active as possible and to lead their best lives. She has been in the health & wellness business for over 40 + years. Her grandfather was a pharmacist, she would worked over the summer for him and has seen all the possible compounds and combination of how medications are made.

When Carol’s husband broke his back, suffered from two heart attacks, a quadruple bypass and was on 23 prescriptions, which meant he was on 30-40 medications a day. She knew something had to change so she started investigating and seeking alternatives and very driven to see him get better. She was extremely successful as with her help, he is down to 2 prescriptions and is now active and enjoying life again.

Carol is extremely knowledgeable, she cares for the people she works with. She is devoted and she wants the best for anyone who is looking to turn their life around and to become healthier and to live an enriching life. Please join me in CELEBRATING this terrific, genuine, sweet and caring individual that I am privileged to get to know. Tune in as you might just learn a few interesting facts or two.


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REGISTER TODAY for January 24th 6wk. Webinar Series

REGISTER TODAY for January 24th 6wk. Webinar Series

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